Its a beautiful Sunday morning and the only thing better than watching professional NFL football is being at the game!

We got the opportunity to help Budlight promote the new location of their Pregame Tailgate Party. Fully equipped with a beer garden and enormous stage for live music. It is the cheapest beer you can buy at the NFL Stadium! So drink up my friends next time you’re at Metlife Stadium, be sure to check out the Tailgate Party!

(We even got to meet Stephen Baker “the touchdown maker” from the Superbowl winning team 1990 New York Giants! Also got to see his ring and hold the Vince Lombardi Trophy!)



“To “make” is to create, through invention and handiwork, from conception to finish. The mission of our festival will highlight the underground current of makers who are changing the landscape of production and consumerism in America. It will be a day to celebrate the collective artistic endeavors of homegrown talent locally and beyond. It will feature a range of makers whose crafts include everything from handmade fashion and jewelry, to woodworking and blacksmithing, to photography and fine art, to food and music.

– The Makers Fest (

A wonderful festival we got the opportunity to help promote with an exclusive on-demand marketing campaign.

We parked at a busy intersection in town the day before the event. We displayed the time/date of the festival during busy rush hour traffic.

We are back again for another intense Varsity Field Hockey match up between Monsignor Donovan vs. Pinelands Regional HS. The game came down to the last few seconds as Pinelands prevailed victorious!

We displayed sponsorship messages, as well as, a slideshow of team pictures and individual graphics for each senior as they were announced onto the field.

Great Job!

We would like to take this time to thank all of our wonderful clients, and the loyal tourists that visit the LBI Region every summer that make our services possible!

See you in 2017..

New Locations are coming!!

Stay Tuned!

Long Beach Island, for a few years now, has a shuttle bus service that traverses the 18 mile stretch of land picking up passengers along the way. It is a free service for riders (donations are accepted). The shuttles are run by a partnership between Long Beach Township & LBI Chamber of Commerce. Previously, each of the Shuttle buses is wrapped with a vinyl advertising. This revenue helps keep the shuttle buses running as a free service.

LED Mobile Billboards was brought in to fulfill the idea of installing Super HD LED Displays on the inside of the shuttles. This would provide them with a digital advertising space that would create more revenue to help run & maintain the shuttles.

Challenge Accepted, and Accomplished!

We did a custom LED Display order for p2.5mm front accessible signs, engineered & executed the installation, and sell the advertising space. Phase 1 of 3 screens is complete. Phase 2 will begin in a few short months just before 2017 season. The Advertising Network for the 2017 season will consist of 6 screens.

For more information about this service and if you are interested in advertising for the 2017 Shuttle Bus Season (May-October) please click here!

shuttle-bus-collab-graphic 14233201_1020105418109281_6572041151054583178_n

One really special feature of our digital mobile billboards, is its ability to deliver a message on-demand.

This special message was delivered outside of a local bar as the kickoff to the surprise 21st birthday party!

Have a special message you want us to help you deliver?


2nd LBI LED Season!

We are proud to say that today marks the start of our 2nd season of providing the LBI Region with AFFORDABLE Mobile Billboard Services. We look forward to helping our clients reach and exceed their summer sales goals!



Pinelands Regional HS. Women’s Lacrosse Senior Night

Wow! What a game! Pinelands down by a handful of goals at halftime, 6 seniors dug deep within themselves to lead the team to a come from behind victory, beating Barnegat Highschool 12-8! It was a nail biting finish that inspired the younger teammates to continue the momentum next season!

We displayed sponsorship messages, school logos, a slideshow of team pictures for the halftime show, and each senior had a special thank you graphic displayed as they were announced out onto the ...

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Keady For Congress

Jim Keady is running for Congress to represent the people of New Jersey and to be a voice for everyone who is not a billionaire, a lobbyist, or a corporate CEO.

Jim is a middle class small business-owner who believes that it’s time the people had an advocate on Capitol Hill who understands what they are going through.

Most people around New Jersey know Jim Keady as the guy Chris Christie screamed at to sit down and shut up when he was ...

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