• What are the dimensions of the display?
    The display is 53 inches wide and 31 inches height or viewable space.
  • How do these attach to the vehicle?
    Each display is designed to fit into any 2 inch hitch receiver on any vehicle. The hitch receiver must be a Class II or Class III. Although it can be placed on any vehicle, we recommend an SUV for mobile advertising purposes.
  • How much does the system weigh?
    Each system weighs roughly 100lb. Our displays are made from high quality materials including aircraft aluminum and steel. 
  • How is the screen powered?
    The screen is run off of 12volt power. When running on a vehicle, you will need to equip the vehicle with an external battery set up (very easy to install with our instruction guide). Each screen comes with an inverter power supply, that can convert 110v AC power into 12v DC power needed for the sign. With this you can power the sign via any normal home outlet. 
  • Is there a warranty with the display?
    Yes, each system comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty on parts. Service calls may be an additional charge from LED Mobile Billboards LLC. Extended warranties can be purchased through LED Mobile Billboards LLC


  • What does Pixel Pitch mean?
    Pixel Pitch is the distance between the center of each pixel. It is usually represented with a “P” followed by a number usually in millimeters.  
  • What is the difference between P6 and P20?
    Smaller the number means a more detailed picture and higher resolution. Pixel Pitch is important when talking terms of viewing distance. Roadside billboards and stadium screens often use 16-20mm LED technology because of the lengthy viewing distance between the display and the viewers. Viewed from the length of a football field, the 20mm or 16mm LED screens look like a big TV, but if you were to stand ten feet away you’d notice that each pixel is as large as your thumb.

    Our displays are P6 with a minimum viewing distance of roughly 5 feet. At this distance it is like viewing a large television screen. Our P6 screens are provide superior HD quality images at a very close viewing distance.

  • How bright are the screens?

Brightness levels are often quoted in candelas per square meter or NITs (the terms are interchangeable). An ordinary TV has a brightness level of approximately 350 – 500 cd/m2 or nits. Our P6 LED displays have a brightness level of 8000+ cd/m2 or Nits making them viewable in direct sunlight.
  • Is there a protective window covering the screen?
    No. Putting the display behind a piece of glass or plastic would introduce a glare as well as reflections on both sides causing a reduce in image quality.
  • What can these screens display?
    Our systems can display image slideshows, .gif animation files, video files, time & date, countdown timers, and temperature. The ability to display live camera feed or television signals are not part of the standard display system but can be ordered by request for an additional charge.
  • Does it look good from all angles?
    These displays are made up from SMD type modules which allow a horizontal viewing angle of 130˚ and vertical angle of 60˚. Even at extreme angles our screens still provide a visible message increasing the amount of impressions for your advertisment.


  • How do you deliver ad content to the screens?

    You can access your screen multiple formats. You can direct connect a PC to your screen and control it with a special PC-based software.

    Our display also can transmit its own Wi-Fi signal that your pc can connect to, then you can utilize the special PC-based software wirelessly.

    Our display can also be accessed remotely via 4g connection. This requires a mobile hotspot device. Your screen will then connect to this device. You then can access the screen via a special Web-based browser software from any Internet connected device (iPhone, iPad, tablet, android, desktop, laptop, PC or Mac) from anywhere in the world.

  • Do these screens have GPS?
    Our standard model does not come with GPS. It can be installed upon request for additional charge. We recommend utilizing a 3rd party-tracking device called “Silver Cloud.” This device plugs into the OBD II port of your vehicle. This software tracks everything from miles traveled, speed, acceleration/deceleration, accidents, and stoppage time. It also has the ability to dispatch routes to each vehicle equipped based on live traffic updates. You can access this also from your iPhone or android device with live updates for monitoring purposes.
  • Can I protect the screens from vandalism
    The outdoor grade LED displays can withstand all weather conditions, but are no more impervious to vandalism than the rest of the vehicle. We suggest that you never leave the screen unattended during use and taking precautions when leaving the screen on the vehicle overnight (ie. Garage parking, or security cameras). We sell special canvas covers for an additional charge to help place a barrier between the environment and your display. With proper monitoring we have never had a problem with our displays or our clients.
  • Can you access the rear tailgate with the screen attached to the vehicle?
    Yes, our patented design allows for the screen to swing out a full 90˚ to allow access to your tailgate or to display the screen at a different angle.
  • What if an LED goes out?
    Our screens are designed with you in mind. Each screen comes with extra parts including modules. Your display is not one large screen, it is a large screen made up consisting of smaller “modules”. Each module is 32 x 32 pixels. To replace a module is very simple. It is done by removing & replacing 8 screws, as well as, disconnecting/reconnecting 3 power cables.