Control Your Marketing

LED Mobile Billboards Displays will demand attention from any audience. Utilize our screens on the road, in your parking lot, at events, or even inside your place of business. The possibilities are endless. Be in control of your marketing costs, stop wasting money on traditional mediums that are old and often ignored.

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Looking to start a business? Our patented LED displays are a business in a box. With a proper strategy, that we can help you design & implement, you can start making money the day you receive your sign. Each valued partner will gain access to our Ad-Share Program, which allows you to sell advertising, to your clients, in other demographics, as well as, other entrepreneurs selling your ad space for you! The larger we grow, the bigger your business gets too!

Taxis, Shuttles, Buses & Fleets

As technology and app-based car services continue to put strain on taxi businesses, fleet owners and public transportation; more and more companies are cutting budgets to sustain the business. Our displays can increase cash flow with reoccurring advertising revenue. LED Mobile Billboards is the ONLY authorized dealer in the Tri-State with the knowledge & experience to get your fleet equipped and start earning money now!

Retail, Venues, and Car Dealerships

These screens are a dynamic, digital mobile advertising medium & an affordable marketing solution for any business. It provides an interactive approach to outdoor marketing to gain valuable exposure in the cluttered, out-of-home advertising landscape. Utilize our included stand with wheels to advertise inside & outside, day & night. This advertising platform & advanced multiple message software, allows businesses, of any size, to reach out and interact directly with their target audience – anytime, anywhere.

LED Mobile Billboard Benefits

Targeted Marketing

Time sensitive advertising is a breeze with advanced multiple message management software. Clients have an unlimited number of changes throughout the duration the campaign.

Daily Specials · Promotional Events · Entertainment · Night Club

Increase Sales & Branding

Gain thousands of valuable impressions daily to a captivated audience.

Messages in Motion have proven higher retention rates.

Earn ROI – Advertising doesn’t cost

Cost Effective Campaigns

No additional costs for your campaign, unlike a traditional static billboard

  • No Banner Production Fees
  • No Additional Installation Costs
  • Affordable Payment Plans
  • Earn a profitable ROI

HD LED Billboard

An extremely versatile, 100% weather proof, LED screen provides crystal clear clarity in any scenario.

  • 281 Trillion Color Display
  • 8,000(nit) Adjustable Brightness for visibility in direct sunlight
  • Land, Generator, or 12 volt power available for on-premise advertising
  • Real-time GPS tracking with client access