2017 Advertising Network Opportunities

We are proud to announce our collaboration with the LBI Shuttle Bus System for the 2017 season. The shuttles operate on Long Beach Island from Memorial Day weekend until late into the fall season. Throughout the summer season, the shuttles traverse the 18 mile stretch of land, carrying passengers to any destination on the island for FREE! On average, over 100,000+ people ride the shuttle system.

We have installed 6 super high definition LED displays, located front and center of the bus. With the ability to display images, video, or animation, our digital advertising network will leave a long lasting impression to each passenger. Average ride time per passenger is well over 10 minutes, giving ample time for passengers to read & remember each message. Local businesses have an added opportunity as passengers can make an impulse decision to stop the shuttle to reach your place of business!

Space will be limited for the 2017 season. Ad Spaces will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. After all space has been sold, we will form a waiting list that will fill up on a first come first serve basis.

2017 Advertising Network Rates

Ad Duration

Ad Duration

Each advertising slot:

10-second of advertising

every 10 minutes

on all 6 screens simultaneously.

Total: 60 seconds ad space every 10 minutes.

Campaign Duration

Campaign Duration

Operating from Memorial Day Weekend until Late Fall.

Off season operations:

• Friday, Saturday, & Sunday’s

• 10-12 hours per day.

In Season operations:

• 7 days a week

• 12+ hours per day.

Fall Operation:

• Weekends only 10-12 hours

• Private rentals

Total Amount of Ads

Ad Totals

Based on a 12 hour day:

72 ads per day, per shuttle

432 ads total per day

Full Season Campaign

  •         • Increase Brand Awareness
  •         • Time-sensitive, Targeted Marketing
  •         • Change your message weekly!
  •         • Cost-effective advertising
  •         • 3 free graphic designs


Memorial Day – Late Fall